The LEAD Movement chanced upon this refreshing video with an inspiring relevant song from Fr. Dennis Despues at YouTube. We’ve seen this young Redemptorist priest just once — at the mining presentation of the Benguet Corporation at the Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol Auditorium several months ago. Still a fresh memory, Father Dennis stood up and said, “What do you (Benguet Corp. officials) want us to do just to convince you to stop mining and for you not to push through with the exploration? I am fascinated by the beauty of Ilocos Norte. I even composed a song about the beauty of rivers and mountains here. I feel that this beauty warns danger to us… “

Karayan ni Adan

Manipud natalna a biag daguiti nagkauna a tao

Nasirpatanda maysa a paraiso

Rumimatrimat ta danum ti karayan

Daguiti agayayam nga bulos nga ayos


Karayan ni Adan

Intay amin salluadan

Karayan ni Adan

Ikkan tayo ti biag

Karayan ni Adan

Patuluyen ti ayos

Agbibiag itti kinadameg itti aglaulau

Agragragsak itti kinabaknang kultura

Nadumaduma man ti naggappuan

Daytoy paraiso intay annadan

(repeat chorus)

Nagduduma tay man

Pateg tayo itti nataudan

Itti panagkaykaysa, padur-asen ti lugar

(repeat chorus 2 times)

Paraiso a lugar,


English translation, (by the LEAD Movement):
River of Adam

Back in the olden days when life for people was all peaceful,

Discovered was a paradise.

Gleaming and glistening, the river water;

The merry bubbly heavy stream that flows.


River of Adam

Everyone, let us take care of it

River of Adam

Let us give it life

River of Adam

Let us keep the flow

Full of life and never dry, everything in the surroundings.

There is happiness where the culture is rich.

We are a diversity of ethnicities.

This paradise, let’s always take care of  it.

(repeat chorus)

We come from different worlds,

And we value our origins,

In  peace, let us make the place prosper

(repeat chorus 2 times)

This paradise of a place

The river.