Pagudpud locals wish for more tourism, livelihood training (via

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PAGUDPUD, ILOCOS NORTE – Residents of Barangay Saud in this town are hoping new Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos will set up a college or vocational school offering courses that would train more locals on tourism-related services.

Pagudpud, located north of Ilocos Norte, is best known for its beaches, including Saud Beach, which topped a list of the top 10 beaches in Asia by

Ringe Quindoy, 32, sells souvenir products made of seashells in Saud Beach. She says a local community college or technical-vocational school will ease the financial burden for parents whose children study in Laoag City, the provincial capital some two hours away from Pagudpud.

A student usually spends at least P110 for a one-way travel to Laoag, she says.

Sa ngayon kasi, mahal ang pamasahe para makapasok sa Laoag. Halos umaabot ng P40 yung sakay sa tricycle pa-bayan (ng Pagudpud) tapos bus naman, mga P70, papuntang Laoag. Mabigat sa bulsa kasi siyempre may baon pa sila sa araw-araw,” she says.

If not a community college, 43-year-old handicraft maker Imelda Uddon says a technical-vocational school offering two-year hospitality courses would do. She says this would help locals like her learn new skills and better serve tourists.

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Explore the Ilocos Norte outdoors

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A series of awesome eco-adventure awaits you in Ilocos Norte…

Go fishing or birdwatching and bask in the serenity of  Paoay Lake.

Sweet Childhood

Discover the unique allure of Laoag’s La Paz Sand Dunes on a wild 4-wheel drive ride.

Get your adrenalin pumping while surfing the dunes.

Adore the sun, sea and sand in picturesque Pagudpud.



Be amazed in Adams, where nature is at its finest.

Rubber tubing

River crossing

Rock climbing



Falls hopping

Crossing the several hanging bridges that connect the mountains in Adams

Cliff diving

Extreme mountain biking

All these and more, like a string of rare gems, forever to be treasured.

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BE INVOLVED! — A reminder from Pagudpud

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We chanced upon this poster on the main entrance of Kapuluan Vista Resort in Pagudpud, a town in Ilocos Norte with clear-cut objectives toward environment protection and conservation. To the LGU of Pagudpud, again, our congratulations on this great initiative. Clap, Clap, Clap!!

Learning from the Oidas: Working in harmony with nature

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A Mini Ecosystem

A Mini Ecosystem

surfers Mike and Alma Oida

surfers Mike and Alma Oida

Mike and Alma Oida of Kapuluan Vista Resort in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte are  synonymous with green. Their eco-design resort continues to attract the environment-conscious, the lovers of nature, healthy food, peace and tranquility. Now, they have managed to create their own organic garden. (Click to read related story)

On our recent visit to Kapuluan, we discovered great green gardening ideas that we need to share with you.



natural non-toxic fertilizers that don't smell or attract flies

worm castings, natural non-toxic fertilizers that don't smell or attract flies

cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper

swiss chard, also known as, silver beet or spinach beet

Swiss chard, also known as, silver beet or spinach beet



greenhouse gardening

greenhouse gardening

When we asked Mike what is the secret to raising healthy vegetables, he answered, “Basically, looking back where we left off… the classic style.” He and Alma grow sweet corn, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, chili, pepper, coriander and Swiss chard. Alma says, ” We are able to grow only for the restaurant, but that’s for now.” About the benefits of eating organically-grown veggies, Mike says, “It is believed to be more potent with nutritional values.” How does he deal with pests? “Gardening cooperatively with nature. Just leaving the pests alone.”

the green and delectable Hummus Burrito from Kapuluan's kitchen

the green and delectable Hummus Burrito from Kapuluan's kitchen

For the resort, we asked Mike what other eco-friendly practices  have they adopted lately — and he says, “EM, or effective microorganisms in organic waste management.” EM control odors, do all-purpose cleaning, reduce or replace all the cleaners, and recycle stuff like food leftovers, a good way to create a healthy environment. In gardening, EM cut on fertilizer costs, improve soil quality, soil health, and the growth, yield and quality of crops. These beneficial and effective microorganisms have many uses in other sustainable activities. “We’ve stopped using chemicals”, Mike added.

[photos by blauearth]

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Green Thumbs-Up for Pagudpud’s Innovative Trash Bins


Addressing proper waste segregation, one of the environmental issues of the times, the Local Government Unit of Pagudpud, headed by Mayor Marlon Sales, one of the young mayors in Ilocos Norte, is creating awareness among its citizens about their rights and responsibilities towards solid waste and cleanliness of their town. We are hoping other places will follow this admirable initiative for a greener environment.

Among the numerous benefits of waste segregation is that the segregated waste like plastics and paper has been a valuable commodity sellable to local and foreign markets. It encourages communities to adopt waste segregation practices for income generating activities.

a trail blazer in ecotourism and nature protection

a trail blazer in ecotourism and nature protection, Mayor Marlon Sales of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Segregation of Waste

Waste can be segregated as

1. Biodegradable

2. Non-biodegradable

Biodegradable waste include organic waste, e. g. kitchen waste, vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves from the garden, and paper.

Non-biodegradable waste can be further segregated into:
a) Recyclable waste – plastics, paper, glass, metal, etc.
b) Toxic waste – old medicines, paints, chemicals, bulbs, spray cans, fertilizer and pesticide containers, batteries, shoe polish.
c) Soiled – hospital waste such as cloth soiled with blood and other body fluids.

Toxic and soiled waste must be disposed of with utmost care.

(Source for Segregation of Waste: EduGreen)