Say no to single-use plastic bags with an Envirosax eco-bag

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Lightweight, super strong (holds up to 44lbs), durable, fully washable and fade resistant, Envirosax, the original designer reusable bag, is available at Red Dot boutique in Laoag for only 395 php.

Unrolled, the chic eco-bag measures 19.5″ x 16.5″, yet folds to a mere 4″ x 1.5″ pouch. A built-in snap button holds the pouch for an easier upkeep. Just toss it into your purse, or put it in your pocket, and you’re ready to go shopping. As a matter of fact, it offers versatile functionality.

There are many designs and colors to choose from. Get your environment message across in a fun and fashionable way.

Photographed by Blauearth. Red Dot boutique, F.R. Castro St, Laoag City, Ilocs Norte, Philippines


Know the facts about plastic bags

  • Somewhere between 500 million and a trillion plastics bags are consumed worldwide each year.
  • Less than 1% of bags are recycled. It costs more to recycle a bag than produce one. It costs $4,000 to process and recycle 1 ton of plastic bags, which can then be sold on the commodities market for $32.
  • Plastic bags photodegrade, which means they breakdown into smaller, more toxic petro-polymers, which eventually contaminate soils and waterways.
  • When ingested, these microscopic particles can become catastrophic to wildlife. Nearly 200 different species of sea life including dolphins, whales, seals and turtles die due to plastic bags. Birds, as well.
  • By using a cloth bag, we can save 6 bags a week. That’s 24 bags a month. That’s 28 bags a year. That’s 22,176 bags in an average lifetime.
  • If just 1 out of 5 people did this, we would save 1,330,560,000,000 bags over our lifetime.
  • Bangladesh has banned plastic bags.
  • China has banned free plastic bags.
  • Ireland took the lead in Europe, taxing plastic bags in 2002, and have now reduced plastic bag consumption by 90%.
  • More countries have also banned, or are moving towards banning the plastic bag.
  • Reducing plastic bags will reduce foreign oil dependency.
  • China will save 37 million barrels of oil each year due to their ban of free plastic bags.
Read more on the data released by the US Environmental Protection Agency
plastic bag nightmare 001image by Zainub via flickr

E.a.r.t.h now. E-nvironmental a-wakening, r-esponsibility (shared responsibilty), t-ransformation, h-ope. A message by the LEAD Movement

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And Now Green Jeans

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stained, dirty, ripped, frayed — that’s what hip  jeans is all about…

Tristar is about to launch jeans that are made of organic cotton grown in a plantation in Brazil that uses no water and  pesticides. The jeans are meant to be frozen in the refrigerator instead of washing. One-day freezing is enough to kill the bacteria, but if stains are bothersome, the jeans can still be washed the conventional way, which means you will be able to save energy and water in between uses. (Read more… )

Image by TreeHugger

“GREEN is the new black.”

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love the earthIn the Philippines,  due to the current state of the environment, there are already consumers  who have started to be eco-conscious and finicky about the environment-friendliness of products they buy. I was browsing through the net and  stumbled upon several green and fair trade options which are locally available, making them doubly cool. I’ve listed them down.

  • Holystic Haven House of Healing products —  Bentonite clay cleansers, toner, moisturizer and scrub that are paraben-free and  phthalate free. There are no mineral oils, lanolin or petrolatum added. The company is proud that they don’t test on animals, and their products contain no animal derivatives and by-products. While going through their website, I discovered that the owner, Suzanne Jocson-Bangsil, is a former-classmate of mine… well, another case of serendipity. Knowing how exacting Suzanne is, she won’t promote and sell anything that she doesn’t believe in.
  • INDIGObaby — life-saving products to enrich mother and baby’s life. Products include stay dry cloth diapers (Say ‘NO” to disposable diapers!), all-natural bath and body essentials, chemical and deet free homemade cockroach killer, all-natural mosquito home spray, baby and pet pouches, eco bags made from recycled flour sacks, reusable bags, etc. Think healthy! Their Multiply site is worth a visit.
  • Ilog Maria sustainably farmed products. They are made from honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom from their own honeybee farm. In their product catalogue, you can find beauty and health products, such as anti-aging soaps enriched with natural beta-carotene and Vit. A, Cinnamon Soap for acne, eczema, ringworm and other skin disorders, royal jelly hair oil, fresh frozen royal jelly, honey cider vinegar, extra virgin honey, propolis all-pupose ointment, propolis anti-bacterial throat spray and breath freshener, propolis bath salts with premium Dead Sea salts recommended for psoriasis (It is also an aroma therapeutic body, hand, and foot scrub). All their items are reasonably priced.
  • EchoStore products. Check out the first sustainable lifestyle store in the Philippines, located at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City. They have fair  trade coffee beans, organic rice, natural personal care essentials, nutritional products, recycled products made by urban poor women, Messy Bessy biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solutions, home decor, gifts, fashion accessories, books, music and so much more.
  • Greengrab eco-friendly handwoven recycled bags carefully made by urban poverty-stricken families. Each piece of recycled paper is tightly hand-woven and specially laminated to make them dust-proof, tear and spill free.  The bags and clutches are statement pieces and are fun and functional, as well. To order, check out
  • BAGAY-BAGAY very hip one-of-a-kind quality bags, hand-crafted from old shirts, jeans, skirts, scarves, jackets, coats, and basically anything and everything that can be recycled in the world of textile.
  • BURT’S Bees products, available at Beauty Bar stores nationwide.  Burt’s Bees goes by the tag line, Earth Friendly Natural Care for The Greater Good. The company has won several awards in recent years.  Among their awards from various award-giving bodies are: Best Green Company, Best Business Recycling Program, Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award, Top 8 Most Socially Responsible Brand and Best Green Company for America’s Children. Their natural skin and hair products range from sun and outdoor protection to mom and baby care essentials. I swear by their Natural Remedy Survival Kit which contains travel size all-purpose Res-Q Ointment, Poison Ivy Soap, All-in-One-Wash, Hand Salve, Beeswax Lipbalm, and Therapeutic Bath Salts that is great for sore muscles — very effective and convenient for nature and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Eairth sustainable eco-fashion, a combination of the elements earth and air. Interestingly, it is a love story between New York designer Melissa Dizon and The Filipino Culture. She used to be the head designer for Todd Oldham and Victoria’s  Secret’s Express line. The clothes are made from organic materials harvested by indigenous tribes, pigment from natural ingredients like coconut husks, talisay leaves and indigo, hand-woven fabrics done in old-style looms, and organic fibers such as pina, abaca, silk, cotton and wool finished with an artisanal touch. Eairth is for those who can afford sustainable luxury. When buying one of Melissa’s über-chic clothing, one gets to help rescue ancient artistic techniques from getting extinct, help preserve indigenous communities, and promote the use of sustainable fabrics and lifestyle. You can check out Eairth at a showroom, which she shares with her aunt, Yola Johnson (also famous for promoting natural fiber products), in Makati (Bormaheco Building, Zapote Street corner Metropolitan Avenue).