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Get to know more about the LEAD Movement in this article by Marjorie Gorospe,

Hometown love inspires Ilocano group to seek more eco-tourism sites

‘Homestay’ in Adams allows tourists to get acquainted with local culture « loQal – Travel and Outdoors | Philippines



images by Blauearth

ADAMS, ILOCOS – This once-isolated town is still largely undiscovered by tourists despite its many natural attractions and rich cultural tradition. Those who do venture to Adams will find it worthwhile because of the “homestay” service.

A a reference point, you have to pass by the more popular town of Pagudpud before reaching Adams. Going there is an adventure by itself; if you have to bring your own vehicle, make sure it’s built for off-roading because the climb to Adams is very rocky, to say the least.

The Laoag Eco-Adventure Development (LEAD) Movement Inc, a non-profit organization that  promotes ecotourism in Ilocos, initiated the discovery of Adams and is actively working with local government and tourism officials for its promotion.

In Adams, there are no hotels yet nor even small inns built specifically to accommodate tourists. The only option is to stay with residents that offer homestay, or literally welcoming you as guests in their homes.

Josie Dato, who is one of only four homeowners who offer homestay in Adams, says she and other locals were initially trained by tourism officials in 2008.

Read more… ‘Homestay’ in Adams allows tourists to get acquainted with local culture « loQal – Travel and Outdoors | Philippines via

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Sandboarding adventure in Ilocos, anyone?

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6 months after the group introduced the latest sport and adventure to try out in Ilocos, LEAD Movement finds itself hosting the Northern Philippines Visitors Bureau “Lakbay Norte” Media tour, through the invitation of Sammy Blas of Saramsam Cafe and Mike Diaz of Herencia de Paoay, in an early morning sandboarding adventure at the dunes in Suba, Paoay. The successful 2-day Ilocos tour was participated in by feature writers and photographers from Philippine dailies, Inquirer and Bulletin; ABS-CBN Global’s TFC and Knowledge Channel; inflight magazines such as Mabuhay, Zest Air, Smile, Sidetrip, Asian Traveler and Sea Air; and freelance writers and bloggers.

Sandboarding is now the latest buzz in the travel/tourism and adventure circles. Being the 10th top destination in the Philippines today, Ilocos Norte hopes to attract more visitors with its new offering.

The LEAD Movement in a recent Sunday sandboarding adventure at the La Paz sand dunes. Friends Jonard, Bernard and Lei joined in.


Sandboarding Contact #s 0919-873-5516 / 0932-358-7521/ 0917-523-0331. P2500–/hour-maximum of 4 persons/jeep. Price includes 4×4 & sandboarding adventure.


BE INVOLVED! — A reminder from Pagudpud

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We chanced upon this poster on the main entrance of Kapuluan Vista Resort in Pagudpud, a town in Ilocos Norte with clear-cut objectives toward environment protection and conservation. To the LGU of Pagudpud, again, our congratulations on this great initiative. Clap, Clap, Clap!!

Introducing: Sandboarding in Ilocos


LEAD Sand Boarding

The LEAD Movement, always in search of a fresh thrill, figured out how to make its first sandboard. The LEADers designed and handcrafted a board. Right away, they geared up for a Sunday afternoon adventure at the La Paz Sand Dunes…






MC's try at a steeper slope...

MC’s try at a steeper slope…

*Check out Wikipedia to view description and images of sandboarding

Contact # 0919-873-5516 / 0932-358-7521.

photos by blauearth

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Save the Beach

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Pasaleng, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Don’t be a litterbug; keep the beaches and shorelines free from trash, including cigarette butts, which threatens the lives of birds and animals that might ingest it and get choked. When going outdoors, use reusable containers for food and beverages. Get into the habit of bringing reusable spoons and forks. Pack it in, pack it out.

Use waterproof sunscreens. Oily formulations leave a residue on everything, even on the ocean.

As they say, leave what you find. Don’t bring home souvenirs such as marine life, including corals, seaweed — even driftwood. Some habitats might just get disturbed.

If you love fishing and eating fish, choose only sustainable fish. Learn about marine species that are vulnerable, threatened or endangered like our sea turtles and dugong. Be sure not to tug too hard on snagged lines to avoid disrupting habitats below the surface.Respect the beach

Enjoy the beach, but keep a respectful distance from wildlife, especially at night, when animals may be nesting.

If you happen to be in areas with mangroves, avoid dumping waste by all means. Never cut trees for bonfire.

Encourage your family and friends to do the same, and get them involved in issues such as conservation.

Good stewardship starts from awareness. If you see someone destroying beach property, marine animal habitats, or disrespecting the environment, report the sighting to local authorities, or get in touch with the LEAD Movement.

[photos by blauearth]



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