Leading the way for ecotourism development in Adams

Discovering Adams

December 11-12, 2004 SIX-PACK — Four LEADers, with Nina Danao and Gia Atienza of the Pinay 7 Summits, ferret out the hidden natural treasures right in our very own province of Ilocos Norte. On June 5, 2005, LEADer Allan Miguel and Ms. Gia Atienza successfully finish a full exploration of Mt. Pao.

They laid their Namria map, they plotted the coordinates, packed their bags, then headed north. Waya, their guide, was ready to take them to another place, another world… After that initial exploration of Mt. Pao, the group set its sights on putting Adams on the map. Immediately, it tied-up with the Municipal Government of Adams, through then-mayor, Hon. Wilma Dupagen. (Read more… )

Feb. 21, 2005 — Exploring Anuplig Falls, the premier waterfall in Adams

April 16, 2005 — Kanayupan Falls exploration

July 10, 2005 — LEAD Movement discovers the best vantage point for a glorious 360-degree view of the mountains that nestle Adams, and names the vast grounds Lovers’ Peak.

August 5, 2005 Through the efforts of the DOT Reg I office, headed by Dir. Martin Valera, and LEAD Movement, the Adams Mountaineering Org (AMO), composed of farmers, out-of-school youth and rebel returnees, is organized to ensure that a stay in Adams is exciting, yet adventure-filled, yet safe. (In the photo are LEADers and  founding members of AMO, the original batch of certified mountain guides. Joining them is Sierra Madre Outdoor Club (SMOC) veteran spelunker Mr. Olimpio Muñoz, one of the resource speakers, and Vice-Mayor Wagner Poking.)

Leaving up to its name, LEAD Movement takes the lead in helping the people of Adams in opening up their paradise to the world. The partnership is sealed with a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution officially recognizing LEAD as a partner in ecotourism development.

Sept. 30-Oct 1. 2005 — The LGU of Adams, DOT and DENR regional offices, LEAD Movement and 5056th SAR Squadron of the Phil. Air Force host National Tourism Month Celebration wherein La Union’s Sea and Sky tourism students were treated to an eco-adventure basic skills training.

Adams Apples: Ripe for the picking

December 23, 2005

A feature story in the Ilocos Times

The apple trees that the LEAD (Laoag Eco-Adventure Development) Movement planted in Adams, Ilocos Norte are now bearing fruits that are ripe for picking. The LEAD Movement, a group of adventurers with a common passion for nature, the outdoors and adventure, was formally formed on October 16, 2004 with a goal of promoting responsible adventure tourism. Sometime in November 2004, LEAD Movement and the Pinay 7 Summits mountaineers explored the virgin forests of Mt. Pao and were captivated by the natural charm of this hidden town in the northeastern side of Ilocos Norte. During subsequent exploration treks in Adams, they found a treasure trove of rainforests with rare flora and fauna, centuries-old trees lining a canopied-walk, 8 breathtaking falls, each distinct from the others, the Bulo River, stretching all the way to Bangui town, the unique culture of the people of Adams (a mix of 3 tribes), the quaintness of the poblacion, the pleasingly cold climate, all perfectly complementing each feature to make Adams a potential adventure and sports tourism center. After unearthing Ilocos Norte’s treasure that is Adams, LEAD Movement, set its sights on spearheading the transformation of this quiet upland town into a unique paradise of adventure.

In a joint-effort with the LGU of Adams and the DOT regional and local offices, LEAD Movement sponsored a BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) to train interested Adams locals as trek/tour guides. The graduates then formed the AMO (Adams Mountaineering Organization).

Rubber-tubing or kayaking at the Bolu River, trekking at Mt. Pao or Pico de Loro, rock climbing, rappelling and falls hopping to Pao, Aki, Anuplig, Sisilugan, Mareprep, Kanayupan falls, bird watching at Pico de Loro, mountain biking or dirt biking to Sitios Bokarot or Malaggao, picture-taking or picnicking at the vast Lovers’ Peak (which gives the best panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Adams), souvenir hunting (Adams locals are good basket-weavers), shopping for mandarin oranges, seasonal lanzones and rambutans, juicy dwarf pineapples, tapuey (rice wine), Adams coffee and mountain rice are among the bests that Adams can offer. (Read more…)

A Foray in the Wild Unknown

January 6, 2006 — The LEAD Movement and AMO tread an unchartered territory, notwithstanding the discouragement of elderly folks who fear the legend of the bees and the monkeys in the mountain they call “Maululesan”, which they likened to gloom.

They discover rare ventricosa , commonly known as pitcher plant, and other flora that thrive only in high altitude mountainous terrains.

A view from the peak of Mt. Palemlem aka Pico de Loro

They name Mt.Palemlem’s summit Camp Gazebo because the tree trunks look like posts with the lush leaves serving as the top cover, like a real gazebo.

LEAD Movement unearths  Linao Pond, 952m ASL

March 25, 2006 — Together with representives from the DENR regional office and support group from the PGIN Dept. of Public Safety, the LEADers brave the grueling ascent to Linao Pond, a wildlife sanctuary hidden in the primeval forests of Mt. Linao, where no outsider has ever dared to tread.

The Linao Pond exploration team

May 24, 2006 — LEADers find a suitable extreme mountain bike trail that starts from Sitio Sinidangan all the way to Brgy. Pasaleng in Pagudpud. They named the backdoor Badjang Trail in honor of Badjang, the leadman of the LEAD Movement mountain bike trail exploration.

The weathered ecotourism map of Adams located at the Brgy. Pansian, Pagudpud- Adams Road junction

March 12, 2007LEAD Movement goes back to Mt. Palemlem, this time with Probe Productions’ GAMEPLAN, a revolutionary sports magazine show that set the standard for local sports journalism.

View the full feature news story on the LEAD Movement and Adams, by Wowie Meloto, here

To help the locals, the LEADers came up with improvised rubber tubes with seats crafted from nylon ropes for income-generating rubber tube rentals for rubber tubing activities.

June 20, 2008 –LEAD Movement speaks for the DOT Reg I – LGU of Adams training seminar for effective communication skills, basic innkeeping procedures and tour guiding in Adams.

An excerpt from “Frontliners Training Open Up Adams to Tourism” article via The Ilocos Region Information Sharing Network:

Ms. Veronica Tan, a member of the Laoag Eco-Adventure Development (LEAD) Movement was one of the speakers. She pushed for ecotourism, adventure tourism and rural tourism which involve physical activity, environmental interaction and cultural immersion...  Adams is a blessed town, environmentally rich with natural beauty and beautiful landscape. The challenge is how we can use those blessings to benefit the people and to help in the development of Adams. DOT’s concern after these training is to bring tourists to Adams and offer (them) to target market. Such move requires collaboration between the LGU, the stakeholders which include the community, tour operators and even investors. Aside from DENR, it is worth mentioning that the townsfolk are supported by a group who takes pride in environment conservation, the LEAD Management, for the preservation of its natural resources.

July 29. 2010 — Adams makes the front page of yahoo.ph through a feature news story: Discovering nature at its finest in this little-known Ilocos town called Adams


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