New green, user-friendly US visa application process

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In order to provide better service to customers and to be mindful of our environment, the U.S. Embassy will, beginning on May 24, 2010, ask all non-immigrant visa (NIV) applicants to please submit their visa applications via an electronic, online form, known as the DS-160. The new on-line application form replaces three paper forms, so it should be easier and faster for clients to complete their applications.

The new form has two key changes. The DS-160 form is submitted electronically, through the internet, replacing paper forms. Also, the on-line form requires applicants to upload a digital photograph from the computers they use to complete the application.

The new form is a greener, user-friendly application. Applicants may save the data in the form in order to complete an application later, and saved data may be reused for future applications. The form reduces use of paper, making it a greener method to apply for a U.S. visa.

The rest of the application process remains the same. After completing the on-line application, visa applicants must schedule an interview appointment, either on-line at, or by calling 1-909-101-7878. Applicants must then pay the visa fee at an approved fee collection point. The final step is the appointment at the Embassy.

If using the form for the first time, applicants should read a step-by-step instructional guide, which may be found at

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