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LEAD Movement Then

Meet the members of LEAD {pronounced leed [and not led], as in affect, move, induce, motivate, influence, guide, spur, bring on, introduce, trail-blaze, etc.}. The acronym stands for Laoag Eco-Adventure Development Movement, or the X men, as in extreme, eccentric folks, synonymous to the irrelevantly relevant or relevantly irrelevant adventure group, whatever floats your boat.

The eight-year old organization had a post-holiday reunion the other day. Passing through several bouts of disbombar-ment (reminiscent of pitos and Rebollido LOL), we have increased in size, horizontally and vertically. In his element was Boyet Leano (who has left a mark in Adams by naming a picturesque spot “Lover’s Peak” and in case you’re interested to know his raison d’être, he was imagining two rolling tires, that was before Lukas Magnus came into existence.). Marc and Jona acclimatized to the wild recollection of historic moments. What else is more heinous than wearing leather office shoes to Mt. Pulag’s summit? I guess claiming ownership to a fleet of aircrafts — the minutes of the non-meeting meeting, for the perusal of the rest of the LEADers.

LEAD Movement Now

We luv ya, Ona, Misty, Did, Buda, Margo, Akira, Allan, Lordly, Angeli, MC, Jun, Larry, Boying, Bong, Abu, Ken, Paul and each and everyone who rode the overtaxed BJ40 aka LC03! LEAD Movement remains.